Sheeshpatti Designs – The Latest & Trending Bridal Hair Accessory!

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It looks like brides have a new favorite piece of jewelry! We've been your Shaadi BFF for the past few years, which means we have the utmost obligation to make sure you are up-to-date on all things vogue. A headpiece that has been sweeping the globe and enchanting our fashionista brides has become a must-have for the season. Sheeshpattis (or sispattis) are what we are talking about.

It has become the fad of the bride to wear sheeshpattis over matha pattis and maang tikkas. Although sheeshpattis have been a part of bridal jewellery for a long time, brides are only now enthusiastically adopting these designs. 

Sheeshpatti or Rajasthani Sheeshpatti is a stunning head accessory that is one of a kind. Originally from the state of Texas, the traditional headwear has gradually made its way throughout the country, gaining popularity and respect from brides everywhere. When you are a bride in India, there are no shortages of wedding jewelry styles that you can wear in order to amp up your bridal flair. The sheeshpatti is one of those styles that will add that much-needed drama to your wedding look. This trending headpiece style was worn by celebrity brides Deepika Padukone and Kajal Aggarwal on their big day. 

Sheeshpatti aka Sispatti: What Is It?

There is a term in Hindi called "Sheeshpatti" which means "headband". This is a combination of both the words "head" and "band". Sheeshpatti is often compared to the combination of a mathapatti and a maang tikka when it comes to visual appeal. An ornate band covers the head in the shape of a hairband, while a festoon graces the middle of the forehead (just like a maangtikka). It is noteworthy that sheeshpatti resembles mathapatti in a number of ways. It differs from one another in a number of ways, however. The mathapatti defines the outline of the forehead, while the sheeshpatti is situated further from the hairline on the head.

Sheeshpatti Designs: The Latest and Trendiest

Mathapatti and maangtikka are given a new visual appearance with the latest and trending sheeshpattis. Check out these 18 Sheeshpatti designs worn by real brides to get some inspiration for your own! 

  1. Detailed with pearls, a delicate Kundan sheeshpatti.


2.  The beauty of the chandbaali design combined with the beauty of the floral design


3. Pearl-studded band + tassel festoon = a neo-trad sheeshpatti


4. You can certainly brighten up your sheeshpatti with some colour!


5. With its gorgeous tikka with emerald drops, we're smitten with this multi-stringed bangle with a magnificent sheeshpatti!


6. It is impossible not to gush about this floral and chand inspired sheeshpatti that we found so beautiful!


7. A charming sispatti that captures the essence of a timeless traditional style! -


8. There is a certain old-world charm about this Sheesh patti recipe. It does not include a tikka, but it still looks so gorgeous.


9. Putting a contemporary spin on a traditional sheeshpatti is what makes this headband so appealing.


10. An elaborate sispatti design with rubies, emeralds, pearls and kundans for a dash of glamorous glamour


11. Unlike other sheeshpatti designs, this one is quite unique.


12. The design of this heavy sheeshpatti is perfect for maximalist brides


13. An opulent sheesh patti encrusted with polkis and emeralds


14. With a touch of vogue, traditional Rajasthani sheeshpatti is swept up in tradition


15. The sheeshpatti design can also be made into a colourful pattern if you choose to do so. 


16.  When it comes to old-world charm, nothing can compare to it! There is nothing more beautiful than this gold, tassel tikka adorned sheeshpatti.


17. It has intricate and elaborate work that has been done on it!


18. It has hints of gold and pearls, which makes this the perfect combination to wear with a heavy, multicoloured lehenga.


The following article will hopefully help you choose the right sheehspatti design for your special day.