Your bridal makeup: 5 things no one talks about

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It may seem like bridal makeup on your wedding day is straightforward - sit with the beautician, spend a couple of hours, and you're done - but that isn't the case. A very important event is about to happen in your life. Photographers will be taking pictures all around you to capture your emotions. During the event, many memories will be made, so being in your best shape is an obvious desire. Though you might think that you're prepared for your wedding day makeup, we have compiled this guide for everything you need to know.

Bridal makeup for a wedding day: things to know

Wedding day makeup has several aspects that are rarely discussed. You can also put your makeup on the list of potential mightiness if you ignore these.

Makeup for a wedding is never done in a single day

If your skin is unhealthy underneath, no professional can create the look you desire. It's important that the makeup artist knows your skin type. However much time you devote to the artist, he or she will not be able to bring out your best look. Therefore, regular facials, spa treatments, cleansing treatments, and so on are important to establish a skin (and hair) care routine at least 3 months ahead.

Don't be late for your bridal makeup

It has been an hour since you held your trial, so you know it will take an hour or so. However, on the big day, it may take much longer. Make sure there is at least an hour between when you start getting ready and when you need to arrive at the venue. Besides giving you a chance to check and double-check your makeup, you can also use this time to grab a snack or have a refreshing drink once you are certain that everything looks right.

It is important to groom a few days in advance

The bride often wants to groom herself on the day before her wedding, but she encounters redness and rashes from waxing or threading. As a result, either your overall appearance will be muddled or you will be irritated while wearing makeup. Don't make the same mistake twice. At least two to three days before the D-Day, schedule grooming appointments.

Makeup goes on first, then the dress

Wedding makeup cannot be done with your dress already on, as opposed to party makeup. You may be eager to get into that stunning lehenga, but that has to wait until the makeup is done. Despite the low likelihood of spills with just one dress, you cannot take any chances. You should wait. Don't wear that gorgeous sari or lehenga until you've got your whole look together.

Get your hair washed the night before

Freshly washed hair can feel too slick if you're planning on styling your hair in curls or waves, so washing the night before will give the hair a bit more natural hold. Even if you just want to have your hair blow-dried, it might not be necessary. 

As a bride, you need to remember that it is best to stick to a classic look unless you are extremely confident. Don't follow trends, since they will very soon look dated in photographs. There is no better look for bridal makeup than the classic Indian look!