The Aura of Bengali Weddings

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One cannot beat a Bengali bride’s wedding look because of the traditional topor, aalta laden hands and especially the Chandan bindis which are no less than true artwork. This Chandan bindi is what sets a Bengali bride apart from all the other brides. So, we have found these real brides who have these beautiful Chandan bindi designs on their forehead for their weddings. One look and you’re gonna fall in love girls.

  1. Bengali wedding is a colorful affair
  2. Bride wears a traditional red sari
  3. Bride's hair is adorned with flowers
  4. Bride's hair is sometimes decorated with a crown of flowers
  5. Bride wears jewelry, including earrings and bangles
  6. Know more about bengali wedding and how they find true life partner. 

Before we start inspiring you with gazillion bindis for Bengali brides, let's understand first that what is a Chandan bindi and the importance of it? White Chandan is painted around the red bindi which is placed in the centre of your forehead. Usually, the Chandan is spread all across the bride’s forehead and is known to bring good fortune to the bride and keep her face cool for the wedding ceremony. After all, Chandan is sandalwood which is known to have a cooling effect. So, if you're a Bengali bride who is getting married soon, then ensure to bookmark these latest Chandan bindis for Bengali brides.

While earlier brides and grooms couldn’t have enough heavy outfits for their wedding functions, during the pandemic and even post that, we saw everyone take things down a notch. So many brides and grooms went with much more minimal outfits which seems to be the case even now. I mean, in today’s time we have brides who would much rather wear a sari than a lehenga on her big day!

In today’s time, there’s hardly anything which ain’t digital. I mean, we’re a generation that practically relies on social media for one too many things. Obviously we had digital invites since long now but it is just now that real couples are actually ditching physical invites and only opting for the digital ones. Its safe, cost efficient and fuss free too.

Another thing that escalated during the pandemic was that it is extremely crucial for one to enjoy the moment especially when it comes to weddings. People during the pandemic stopped looking at weddings as a task and again saw it one of the happiest times. So, to make the most of their happy moments, we saw a plethora of couples opt for weekend long celebrations. This trend has still stuck around and we’re glad that it did!

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